• Oak Ridge - Out of the ORdinary

    Oak Ridge is a family-centered community that offers its citizens excellent education, outdoor adventures to challenge and entertain, and diverse cultural experiences. Our businesses and industry lead in international technology and research while attracting visitors from around the world to learn and collaborate.

    The community is a highly desirable place to call home with excellent schools and a diverse arts and recreation community. 

    Oak Ridge - Out of the ORdinary! 








    Smart from the Start

    The Oak Ridge Schools are committed to holistic STEM learning and access to diverse program offerings leading to future success for every student in college, career, and life. We have a rich history in excellence in education and continue that tradition with a renewed focus on 21st century employment skills and authentic problem-based learning. Because we are preparing students to compete in a rapidly changing global economy, we are equipping them with cutting-edge technology in and out of the classroom. We live in an extraordinary town of 30,000+ residents, so if you are a student or educator in pre-K through grade 12 interested in career areas of art, music, theater, world languages, physical education/athletics, advanced manufacturing, a/v communications, business, education, JROTC, health science, IT/cyber defense, STEM, and transportation, (just to name a few), we have a place for you.







    Heritage Tourism

    The Secret (City) is Out

    Oak Ridge was created from scratch more than 75 years ago as one of three primary sites in the U.S. government’s Manhattan Project. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built a city in months where only forests, fields, and a few small communities had existed before. Access to the city was limited to individuals and families connected to the Manhattan Project sites working to harness the atom and to produce material for the first atomic bombs. Today, the Manhattan Project National Historical Park tells the amazing story of Oak Ridge, and visitors can trace the city’s historic impact from World War II to the present day at the American Museum of Science and Energy.







    Trails and Waterways Close to Home

    Oak Ridge boasts a network of greenways and trails enjoyed by hikers, runners, mountain bikers, and cyclists from throughout the region, and a new Natural Assets Guidebook outlines a long-term vision for creating an urban trail system that will be among the best in the nation, for a city of any size. The city’s rowing venue on Melton Lake, in cooperation with the Oak Ridge Rowing Association, hosts NCAA competitions and numerous classes and camps for rowers of all ages. Residents enjoy playgrounds, a massive outdoor public pool, skate park, disc golf, and ballfields for soccer, baseball, and football.



    Building a 21st Century Community

    Oak Ridge benefits from hosting major Department of Energy facilities including the nation’s largest science and energy laboratory, Oak Ridge National Lab, and one of the key production facilities of the National Nuclear Security Administration, the Y-12 National Security Complex. No other community is home to major facilities that reflect the full breadth and depth of Department of Energy missions for the U.S. Their multi-billion-dollar economic impact helps to support ongoing community revitalization, including a 10-year vision for the center city.


    Arts and Culture

    National Reach with Local Sensibilities

    Oak Ridge was a small-town with an instant population of highly educated professionals, accustomed to urban amenities. The Oak Ridge Playhouse and Oak Ridge Symphony continue to offer big-city quality productions, and the regional WDVX radio station—which reaches international audiences with its mix of traditional music and local culture—hosts a monthly “Secret City Radio Show.” The University of Tennessee Arboretum provides unique event space, and the community’s unique history has attracted historians and writers including Denise Kiernan, who wrote the New York Times best-selling “The Girls of Atomic City