• 70th Anniversary includes a week long celebration at the American Museum of Science and Energy

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    March 12, 2019

    The American Museum of Science and Energy (AMSE) is celebrating 70 years!
    We are observing our birthday by giving gifts to you! Join us for a weeklong hands-on science camp March 18-22
    nd, an AMSE Foundation-hosted fundraising party on the 19th, and a public celebration and party on the 23rd.  Oak Ridge has always supported AMSE, so our way of saying thank you is inviting you to our party.  Bring yourself and bring a friend! 

    AMSE shares the same spirit of ingenuity that devised the “Secret City.”  On March 19, 1949, the city’s gates and the nation’s first atomic energy museum was opened, and now we celebrate this milestone with our community. 

    March 18-23 will be a festive and exciting time for AMSE.  Over five days the museum is hosting its first-ever spring break science camp.  This exclusive camp is a hands-on exploration into science, and campers will leave with one-of-a-kind souvenirs and memories for a lifetime.  The museum is grateful to Reptile Bliss and The Reptile Bliss Resort for sponsoring the campers! 

    On March 19th, the AMSE Foundation is proud to present a fundraising evening in celebration of 70 year of scientific education.  This evening of celebration is going to be special with drinks, treats, and entertainment.   

    March 23rd is a big day for the museum.  AMSE is free to members and offers discounted admission of $5 to non-members for the day.  At 10 am, the AMSE Foundation and representatives from the City of Oak Ridge will dedicate the new flag poles in front of the museum.  Then, the museum will unveil a new sculpture depicting Albert Einstein’s work.  Throughout the day, AMSE will feature a photo exhibit on museum history, vintage games and a competition for a limited-edition 3D-printed prize, demonstrations of the museum’s classic Van de Graaff “hair-raising” generator, 1940s dancing and music, a presentation on the Manhattan Project by City Historian Ray Smith and Calutron Girl Ruth Huddleston, and more! 


    At AMSE we are grateful to the guests and visitors who have come from across the globe to visit our museum.  For 70 years we have been supported by friends and neighbors, and on March 18-23 we want to say thank you.  Start by bringing your kids to camp (March 18-22), stay for the party (March 19), and invite your friends and family for a fresh look at a museum ready for a new future (March 23). 

    The American Museum of Science and Energy proudly welcomes you to our celebration of the vibrant, living history of how a Secret City changed the world and how our museum is ready to explain new science to future generations. 


    For questions pertaining to these events or AMSE’s additional attractions, including museum hours, please visit our website at www.amse.org. 


    The American Museum of Science and Energy: Celebrating 70 Years of Service. 

    AMSE tells the story of national and global security, science, research, engineering, technology development, and environmental restoration successes that have occurred in Oak Ridge since the very first days of the Manhattan Project. 

      AMSE has been considered one of the top tourist attractions in the Knoxville area, and it attracts more than 65,000 visitors per year. For the third consecutive year, AMSE was voted as the 2018 Best Local Attraction by the Oak Ridger. AMSE is a proud member of the American Alliance of Museums and the Association of Science-Technology Centers, and it is a Blue Star Museum and a Smithsonian Affiliate 

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