• Leadership Oak Ridge

  • Mission
    The mission of Leadership Oak Ridge is to inform current, potential and emerging leaders about Oak Ridge and its issues, and provide them leadership skills development in order to empower them to identify and implement solutions to those community issues.

    The Leadership Oak Ridge Story

    Entering its 30th program year, Leadership Oak Ridge is one of the longest continuously running community leadership programs in the United States. For the more than 1,000 graduates of the program, their Leadership Oak Ridge experience continues to make a difference in their personal and business lives. Most importantly, their experience continues to impact the Oak Ridge community.

    Purpose & Goal

    Leadership Oak Ridge graduates are introduced to Oak Ridge's challenges and opportunities. Each graduate is challenged to find their passion and commit to making a difference. Leadership Oak Ridge graduates can be found on virtually every board in our community including the arts, charitable groups, government, education and more. The graduates are sought after for leadership positions in the community and their careers due to the vast array of knowledge, experience and personal connections acquired through the program. 

    Time Commitment 

    The Leadership Oak Ridge program will consists of 12 sessions conducted from February to November. Sessions are all day. Two overnight trips are highlights of the program. Out-of-class assignments, to include a class project, individual challenge, and session coordination round out the Leadership Oak Ridge experience. 


    In order to make the most of the Leadership Oak Ridge program, attendance at all sessions is mandatory. However, understanding that class members may have to miss a session, there will be opportunities for makeup credit available throughout the program year. The Attendance Policy will be reviewed during the Opening Session.


    Tuition for the program is $1500 per person. A limited number of scholarships are available and discounts are given to employees of Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce Millennium Partner members.


    The Center for Leadership and Community Development is sponsored by NSPS.