• Infrastructure

    Location is key!

    • More than 70% of the US marketplace is within a day's drive of Oak Ridge, Tennessee
    • Junction of three major interstate highways trisects the region - I-40, I-75 and I-81
    • 11 federal highways, 16 state highways and numerous paved county roads interconnect the region 

    Oak Ridge TN Locator Maps


      McGhee Tyson Airport, located 30 minutes from Oak Ridge, serves the East Tennessee region with 5 airlines making 120 flights daily       and 22 non-stop destinations. An Oak Ridge general aviation airport is in the planning phase…you can read more about it here.





    • Served by Norfolk Southern and CSX
    • Junction of major east-west and north-south
    • Southern Railway System lines
    • Intermodal transportation available


    • 62 barge lines provide service in the region
    • The 234-mile Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway connects 16,000 miles of waterways and links the region with 13 other states and the Gulf of Mexico



    Supplied by the City of Oak Ridge Electric Department, a distributor of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Oak Ridge electricity rates are well below the national average:

    The largest government-owned power producer in the nation, TVA is also among the most reliable boasting a reliability rate of 99.999%.


    Natural Gas

    Oak Ridge Utility District has been safely delivering natural gas to the communities of Anderson and Roane Counties since it became an independent non-profit utility with its own charter in 1951. Since then, their commitment to distributing safe, reliable energy remains unchanged. Today they proudly serve nearly 14,000 customers and are continually growing.