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Talent Pool

A traditional work ethic and dedicated workforce help make Tennessee the legendary Volunteer State.  We know that skilled and loyal employees are the key to success for any business.  Oak Ridge & the region are fortunate to have an abundant, educated, diverse and skilled talent pool.
  • Availability: More than 550,000 people work in the 16 counties immediately within Oak Ridge's commuting area that includes a significant underemployment population.
  • Commuting: Almost 20,000 people commute to Oak Ridge from around the region, while 71% of Anderson County residents also work in the county. Cross-commuting patterns in East Tennessee are greater than 75%.  With easy access to highways and interstates, it is not uncommon for an employee to drive 45 miles to work.  
  • Recruiting: With a low cost of living and exceptional quality of life, Oak Ridge companies easily recruit employees from around the country. In fact, the acceptance rate for outside recruiting at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory is greater than 75%.
  • Productivity: The manufacturing output per employee in Tennessee is consistently above the national average. The workforce is motivated, easily trained and highly productive.
  • Wages: Wage scales in Tennessee are 12 to 15% below the U.S. average, with high-tech scales 7.7% below. This average is considerably lower than other high-tech areas.
  • Right-to-work state:  Tennessee’s right-to-work policy promotes the open-shop philosophy, while closed union and agency shops are illegal.
  • Low unionization:  Unionization in East Tennessee is 5.3%, which is 6.7% below the national average.

Finding the Right Employees

Tennessee has a network of career centers across the state where people and jobs connect. The Tennessee Career Center in Anderson County will be happy to assist you in your search for qualified employees.  Any employer can place a simple request for referrals through the labor market exchange program offered at each of the career centers. In addition they provide:
  • Computerized labor market information
  • Workshops for job seekers and current employees
  • Online talent bank, job placement, recruitment and training referrals
  • Applicants with Career Readiness Certificates  (CRC) through WorkKeys assessments.  
  • On the job training

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