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Young Professionals of Oak Ridge Group


Organized and Growing

A new group that's targeted to people under the age of 45 has finalized its organizational structure and is ready to get moving toward growing and making an impact on the city of Oak Ridge.

Named the Young Professionals of Oak Ridge, the group's goal is "to have a significant impact on the revitalization of the City of Oak Ridge through social activities, political involvement, community outreach, professional development and fun" said Betsy Prine of H.S. Whitson Construction Co., one of the group's founders.

The group first started meeting nearly six months ago.

Oak Ridge Chamber President Parker Hardy said "the Oak Ridge Chamber has been engaged with the effort because "leadership is always a community's most important asset. And young leadership is always at a premium."

The organizational structure of the Young Professionals of Oak Ridge is four general committees, set up with the flexibility to allow future committees. Currently, the committees are:

  • Social Committee (plan activities/events, also keep members in the know about local events)
  • Political Committee (create awareness of local/state political issues from a nonpartisan viewpoint)
  • Community Outreach Committee (community service projects, non-profit relationships, etc)
  • Professional Development Committee (professional workshops, etc)

The Young Professionals of Oak Ridge plan to meet twice a month and are currently setting up a list of upcoming speakers, as well as fun events and service opportunities.

Jim Campbell, President of ETEC commented "that he sees the group as a vehicle to attract new employees at the city's workplaces into the life of the community as well." The Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce and ETEC partnered to support the formation of the Young Professionals of Oak Ridge.

More information about the group will emerge as its meeting schedule is finalized. For more information, please contact the Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce at (865) 483-1321.

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