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2017 Initiatives and Strategies

2017 Initiatives and Strategies

Through 2017 the Oak Ridge Chamber should continue to focus volunteer, staff, financial and influence resources upon five key strategic initiatives:
Advocacy − Building a stronger "business voice" to pursue pro-business, pro-growth public policies at all levels, but with particular early emphasis on Oak Ridge issues.
Leadership Development − Deliberately growing a pipeline of pro-business, pro-growth volunteers for election, appointment or selection to positions of public or civic leadership.
Residential Growth and Development − Applying Chamber resources and influence to establish City housing policies that balance legacy housing, new single and multi-family construction with appeal to 24-45 year olds and the talent required by Oak Ridge businesses.
Economic Growth − Building a more unified and comprehensive approach to industrial, commercial, and retail development.
Chamber Growth and Value − Continually growing the Chamber's membership resources and the value propositions and invest structure that supports them.

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2017 Tactics


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